SmartECG – the first universal and automated interpretation solution for cardiac data to be launched in 2018

RemoteA Ltd is developing a unique and revolutionary solution, an algorithm and service platform with which ECG data can be automatically analysed and interpreted.

SmartECG is the first and only automatic clinical decision support solution that will be compatible with 80 % of different ECG-monitoring devices and suitable for primary and secondary care professionals.

Our solution will help heart patients get to treatment faster.

SmartECG willl be ready for full scale market introduction in 2018.

Press release 7.3.2017

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CardioVascular Diseases a serious health problem in Europe and globally.


This is how it works:

What is SmartECG?

SmartECG is a software-based tool for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) for primary and secondary care professionals that:

  • Automatically interprets ECG data from most widely used monitoring devices.
  • Provides a simple and secure telemedicine service platform for fast specialist consultations.

Why is SmartECG developed?

Cardiovascular Disease poses a serious health problem in the EU area and also globally.

  • CVD is the number one cause of death in most European countries with approximately 2 million victims each year in EU28 alone. This corresponds to 38% of all deaths.
  • Interpreting the ECG analysis results causes a bottleneck in the primary care level as GPs are not equipped to interpret first ECG analysis results by themselves, and in the secondary care level, as specialist cardiologists are facing a huge data and work overload.

What are the direct impacts from SmartECG?

SmartECG empowers GPs with a tool for automatic pre-selection and interpretation of most imporatnt analysis data from most ECG devices, leading to:

  1. Better treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  1. Increased patient-friendliness
  1. Higher medical professionality
  1. More efficient healthcare system


SmartECG Stakeholders

For patients:

Faster diagnosis, better treatment and potentially millions of saved lives

For patients SmartECG means faster diagnosis and better treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Today, it is common that GP’s will limit the number of patients they refer to the tests since they know that the waiting lists are too long already (suppressed demand).

More on effects on patients.

For primary care physicians:

Better decision-making tools

The SmartECG is expected to increase primary care level specialists’ competencies in early ECG diagnosing and for requesting more specific consultations from specialist physicians.

More on effects on primary care physicians.

For specialist physicians:

Concentrate in patients in need of treatment

SmartECG automatic data analysis and pre-selection can reduce the total data amount by 99% and present physicians only the most relevant bits of analysis data. This enables to perform 2-3 times longer and more detailed ECG analysis

For healthcare organisations:

Reduced waiting lists

Based on our private studies using data from Finland (2013), about 70% of long-term ECG consultation reports do not recommend secondary care studies and they can be avoided by more competent primary care analysis. This will reduce healthcare waiting lists, avoid duplicating analysis and lower the treatment cost per patient. It is expected that by 2020, around 46% of long ECG analysis are done at primary care level.

More in effects for healthcare organisations.

For consulting specialists:

Possibility for remote work

The consulting specialists that provide primary care physicians the cardiac consultations needed, will be paid for per each remote consultation, depending on their set cost and rewarded either monthly or quarterly, depending on the number of their completed consultations.

For device manufacturers:

Better support for secondary care

Our goal is to create automatic plug-and-play compatibility for 80% of ECG analysis equipment in primary care level and achieve full compatibility with most eHealth systems in targeted countries by 2020.

More on effects on device manufacturers.




The direct impacts and their related effects from SmartECG are:

  1. Better treatment of cardiovascular diseases

  • More accurate and faster diagnosis by more comprehensive and detailed ECG analysis
  • Lower mortality rate and increased life-expectancy of CVD patients
  1. Increased patient-friendliness

  • Reduced healthcare waiting times, increased accessibility to specialist care
  • Wider implementation of remote (home-) monitoring practices
  • Reduced travel costs and time
  1. Higher medical professionality

  • Empowered primary and secondary care specialists in CVD diagnosing and monitoring
  • Increased collaboration and sharing practices between GPs and specialist physicians
  1. More efficient healthcare system

  • Improved and more competent primary care level
  • Shorter waiting lists, increased patients throughput
  • Lower cost per patient and reduced CVD treatment expenditures
  • Increased international cooperation and free movement of healthcare services in EU
  • Standardised ECG analysis output for best compatibility with various eHealth solutions

We are happy to tell you more about SmartECG.

Please contact:

Mr. Ossi Tiihonen, Managing Director and founder, ossi.tiihonen(at), tel. +358 40 506 5547

Ms. Hannele Pulliainen, Marketing Manager, hannele.pulliainen(at), tel. +358 44 355 5225

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SmartECG is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme that helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition.

RemoteA Ltd. was one of the four ICT companies to receive funding of the total 104 ICT companies applying for it, and RemoteA Ltd. also received the highest scores.